Support the Alabama Farmer

In the Editor's Notes of the Peanut Grower magazine, Amanda Huber said that we need "candidates who understand and support agriculture." Then, she quotes Representative Austin Scott (R-Ga),
"I don't care if you're a Democrat or Republican. What I do care about is when we go to the polls in November that we have someone who can support agriculture... Lets make sure we've got pro-ag Democrats and pro-ag Republicans on the ballot."
And he's right. Whether Democrat or Republican, we have to elect someone who can support the farmers and ag business in south Alabama.
Amanda finishes her editor notes explaining that we need to start electing people who understand and favor Alabama ag or farmers will soon lose their voice in Washington. Representative Scott even points out that we've got to fight establishment candidates that are controlled by outsider money and interest.

Don't let outsider money take away the voice of the Alabama farmer.
As a lifelong peanut farmer, Nathan Mathis understands the issues at hand and has a clear "20/20" vision of how to set the Alabama farm industry up for success.

Mathis was awarded the Dothan Jaycees' "Outstanding Young Farmer" and received a letter from the U.S. Congress in January of 1968 congratulating him for this achievement. Nathan is the only candidate running that has this kind of farming experience and knowledge.

Pair this with his experience in government as a Houston County Commissioner and an Alabama State Representative. You've got a farmer that knows how the government works and can get things done!

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