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Since then, Nathan has created a firestorm in the media with actions such as protesting Roy Moore's last rally before the U.S. Senate special election in 2017. He's been on a mission to spread change to people's hearts and unfair laws in this country that target the LGBT community.  Mathis has taken that mission to appearances on CNN, MSNBC, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, conferences, and even to churches across the country.

Now Nathan Mathis wants to take his mission to Washington.

Nathan Mathis on Ellen DeGeneres

Nathan Mathis has worked his whole life fighting for the equal rights of others. Whether it was as a coach for 18 years in Dixie Youth, allowing children of every race to play, or as a business man and a farmer creating equal opportunity jobs. From being a County Commissioner to a State Legislator, protecting the rights of minorities and elderly in the districts he represented.

After his daughter, Patti Sue Mathis, took her own life in 1995, at the age of 22, Nathan started fighting for the rights his daughter should have had as a member of the LGBT community.

Patti Sue Mathis (10/11/1972-03/29/1995)

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