We will always appreciate the United States military and everyone who serves to protect the freedoms that this great country ensures. Nathan Mathis has a long history of supporting the military and its veterans. In fact, in 2017, Mathis was awarded the National Medal of Support, given out by the Army National Guard.

In District 2, supporting the military means even more as the there is an Army base (Fort Rucker) and an Air Force base (Maxwell). These bases help support this district as much as we support them. Having these bases in our district offers many economic benefits.  
Job creation, a boost to local business, and tax revenue are among many more reasons that this district needs those military bases. 

We have to send someone to Washington who will ensure that Ft. Rucker and Maxwell AFB stay here in District 2. Nathan Mathis is that man.  He's a lifelong resident of this district, an ol' peanut farmer that appreciates the protection and economic boost given by these military bases. Mathis will ensure we continue to support our military, here and abroad, and that Ft. Rucker and Maxwell AFB stay put, right here in our beautiful District 2.

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