On January 31, 1978, after a long day of work at the Dothan Police Department, in the Narcotics Division, Sergeant Robert Jackson pulled into his driveway. As the 29 year old black officer of 7 years exited his vehicle, he was gunned down with a 12 gauge shotgun.

Sergeant Jackson died in his wife's arms in his own driveway. The gunman was never found. Governor Wallace put a $10,000 reward out but the case has went unsolved for over 40 years.

Many have speculated that there were higher ups in the Dothan Police Department that covered up the murder or even took part in the assassination. Others claimed that white supremacists were guilty of the murder. And the Police speculate that his part in the arrest of many drug dealers was the cause of the assassination.

While sitting in Ole Nate's pickup in 2018, former city of Dothan police officer, Wykle Williams told Ole Nate that he knew who was responsible for the death of Sergeant Robert Jackson. Wykle said he knew who killed Robert Jackson, why they killed him, and that he had proof of his accusations. Wykle also said the FBI and others also know who the killers are. Wykle also said he would welcome a new investigation and that he would cooperate fully with the same.

If I'm elected into Congress, I will direct the Justice Department to reopen the case of Sergeant Robert Jackson and interview everyone involved in the case that happens to still be alive. The answers are out there and someone has gotten away with this for far too long. If the Justice Department doesn't look into this soon, this case will never be solved.

Ol' Nate