Senior Citizens

Nathan has always cared for the senior citizens in his district.  As a County Commissioner, Mathis helped pass laws giving aid to Senior Centers throughout Houston County.  Due to legislation that he pushed through, many decades ago, every Houston County Senior Center still received $500 a month to cover operational expenses. He has personally donated vans for the use of the seniors, provided property, a building, and fully funded a senior center for many years. While a member of the Alabama House of Representatives, Nathan continued to fight for the rights and benefits of senior citizens.

In 2017. Nathan Mathis was nominated into the Alabama Senior Citizens Hall of Fame by Agnes Windsor.
With the constant threat of cutting corners or eliminating Social Security benefits of senior citizens, the seniors need a man like Nathan Mathis to go to Washington and fight to preserve their rights, benefits, and status.

No senior should fear not having food or electricity because the government didn't do their job!

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